Github 创始人说,(作为公司)当你朝着别人说 “快来看我好酷我好棒啊” 是没有用的,你要帮助别人变得更好,你才会更好。这是别人把你的贴纸贴在电脑上的原因。

别人贴你的贴纸,跟你的公司没有半毛钱关系,大家只是在 communicating values

如果你没有传递这种 value,你就没有 branding,因为大家 have nothing to communicate。

“Let me help you be better.”

That’s the reason people put your sticker on their laptop.

It has nothing to do with the company. People are communicating their values, “I care about open source””I like coding”… People share the same value as github.

I suggest you view branding this way。If you have no discernable values then nobody will care about your brand because it’s not communicating anything, no believing in it.

You have to believe in something.