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很偶然地,看到一篇 07 年的文章,讲为什么 iPhone 注定失败。其中有一段是这样的:


刚好为我 前两天的感受(只做自己想做的)提供了弱智反例,笑死。



This is where Apple is fundamentally different. It’s not about features; it’s about simplicity and focusing on the things that you want to make work.

There is a reason why the iPhone has a camera but won’t let you take video (I don’t know what it is – but they decided to skip on that). Most Nokia’s with camera’s can take movie clips now. …

iPhone skimped on a lot of features when compared to equally priced Nokia’s and Sony Ericsson’s – but ultimately it’s the whole package that counts - Steve Jobs will never let a product out of the door that has a browser that works mediocre at best regardless how good the hardware is. That is the price that you pay when you buy Apple.


I work in IT. I had my first iPhone support call yesterday. I asked the user what they thought of it as I looked up how to set an SMTP port–add a colon after the server name–and got this response:

“This is probably the coolest thing I have ever owned.”